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Work Remotely Online With Intergine. The Internet Jobs People.

What is this job?

Intergine allows you to offer a service that most people need. We allow you to offer the lowest cost and fastest delivered, full featured websites available to the general public. You do not need technical skills to perform this job role and people in all known countries are using this same system to build websites. This is easy. This is much easier than you can understand right now, so please read on.

We are not looking for Webmaster's and we are not trying to turn you into a Webmaster. No advanced computer skills whatsoever are needed. You will simply be running your own GIG, cutting and pasting content onto websites for your customers, who pay you upon delivery of the service. This is called freelancing and this is how millions of people are making money on their own terms

We are trying to tell people who are computer literate enough to use (a site for GIG Workers), about this method of generating income. This is something that is available to anyone to use. What you will be doing is running your own GIG to sell websites using our technology. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS BEYOND THE ABILITY TO USE A COMPUTER ARE NEEDED. You simply follow the directions below and you start as soon as you want to. You will be paid by your customers through You will need a account as well to collect your payments from There is no manager, there are no meetings, there is no cost, we don't need anything from you whatsoever other than to sign-up to get the only thing you need to work (your worker link). Sign-up simply gets the link you need to use the platform. [ Sign-Up To Work Here. ]

Can anyone really do this job?

This is less complex than using any Content Management System you may be familiar or that your friends are familiar with. In this case there is no coding, there is no install, there is no administration. You do not deal with web hosting, you do not deal with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, C#, modules, certificates or anything else technical like patches or updates. We're serious, you just use your Web Browser. Any Web Browser on any computer will do just fine. Anyone who can use can do this job as that is the hardest part and it is not hard at all in any way, which is why millions of people use it to make money. You can use it too and we simply provide the right technology, to use, to win in this very specific niche.

How do you get paid?

1. You create a GIG on Fiverr offering to build websites for just $30 and deliver them in 24 hours or less:

As you can see [here], we have worked this GIG and made money in the exact same way we are telling you to do it. We literally started Intergine because more people can make money just like we do and there is no reason we should not share this information.

2. Your Fiverr customer provides you all the content they want on the new website you will generate for them.

You will ask for all their content as part of the instructions for your GIG. The GIG buyer will upload everything they want on their new website to Fiverr and you will download that information and cut/paste/type or click upload to place their content onto the website you generated for them. We say generate because you don't actually build anything, you click one button and poof it's done, live online, no delay. Like we said this is easy.

3. Fiverr pays you. They have this all down to a science and it works every time.

Why do you need Intergine and why do customers need you?

If you are technical enough to do software installations, setup web hosting, perform updates or want to administrate websites, then you have options. None of those options are faster or cheaper or easier but you are free to do as you like. We are here to help the low to medium end consumer market get something they need faster and cheaper than they can get it anywhere else. We are here to help GIG workers who wish to benefit from our unsurpassed capability. Time is money, yours is valuable and you don't have it to waste. If you read this far and are thinking that there is a faster way to deliver dynamic websites with awesome features for less money and if in fact you find a way, let us know so we can use it too, seriously.

NOTE: We challenge everyone, everywhere using anything to build a dynamic, stand-alone website with equal functionality and deliver it to a customer faster under any circumstance while actually earning a profit doing it at Level 0 on Fiverr.

You need a work link to start working. Get that below:

[ Sign-Up To Work Here. ] Read the F.A.Q's  below for more information.


Q. What should my GIG title look like?

ANSWER: Come up with some headline text similar to this for your new gig - "I will make you a template based website. Includes 1 year of hosting."

Note: Short and to the point wins every time.

Q. What are the features of the sites I can sell at the new seller level?

ANSWER: The sites you sell include media albums, automatic slideshows, a landing/home page, a Blog, visitor comments support, unlimited custom forms, multiple forms on one page, online appointment system, public calendar, media ratings, automatic lead notifications, automatic conversation updates, Progressive Web App, Responsive Design, on page SEO tool, favorite icon tool, W3C compliance, GTMetrix "A" rated speed, 5 privacy levels and more. These sites are great for small business, weddings, portfolios, artist, models, bands, gaming clans, churches, schools, baby pics and more.

Q. How do I sell for more money since this is worth more?

ANSWER: Once you become Level 1 then you can increase your prices beyond the new seller tier. Update your gig text with extras after you reach Level 1. **READ The F.A.Q's on Fiverr.**

Q. What is the #1 reason to buy from me instead of the thousands of WP users on Fiverr?

ANSWER: While they are all setting up web hosting, installing software, finding modules, updating and debugging, making certificates and doing other administrative task to get everything to work with anywhere near the features you offer, you will have delivered a completed service as promised in under 24 hours (at least until you get to Level 1 and you can charge more to deliver even more like full eCommerce, Mass Communications and User Management and still do it in under 24hrs). $30 USD for a great website is just unheard of!

The Bottom Line.

  • People everywhere want new, faster or cheaper websites that do more.
  • The days of "looks killer, doesn't work" are over.
  • Over 1 Billion new sites are needed all over the world right now.
  • You do not code, install, admin, update or troubleshoot anything.
  • This helps to deliver real value to consumers actively looking for your low cost service.

Work Remotely, Earn Online!

You can earn income today so get started now. The GIG Economy is booming! We're not selling anything and you follow your own path to success. We simply provide a tool you can use if you choose and a suggestion to use it now.

Spread the word

We need people! There is work to do and not anywhere enough people to do it. Make money online and be part of the process of getting the job done and helping people.

No Tech skills, OK!

This is NOT a technical position. No coding, no IT skills required. If you can click, cut/paste and at the most, perform basic customer interactions, then you can do this.

This Is easy work

If you can cut, paste, type and click then you can do this job and you can start today. There is no class to take, no paperwork to read. This is 2020 and gimmicks are lame.

Work Anywhere

Work remotely from anywhere and on any device with just a standard Web Browser. You do not need a new computer, you do not need a fast computer. You can even do this on your smartphone.

There is no catch

You work as a freelancer. Become part of the millions of GIG Workers who work on their own terms.

relax while you work

No manager, no boss, no meetings, no driving, no technical skills needed besides the very basics. No stress.

jobs, jobs, jobs!

We are seriously on a mission to create as much opportunity as we can find people to work. This is huge.

improve your situation

There is enough work for everyone, there is also enough money for everyone to improve their life and win.